99 Days With Source

You feel good about where you are in life. You have a good sense of gratitude for a lot of it, but at the same time you feel as though it can be better. And, well, you’re right. You have this feeling within you because of the potential of its reality. The only reason you don’t have everything you want in this moment is because you were sending mixed signals for so long. Your energy was attracting you to the array of mixed demands that it was receiving from you. That’s changed now. You’re starting to reshape your sense of perception and awareness. You’re getting more clear about what you want, and what holds you back. You’re applying practices and gaining new wisdom so you expect to see results.

The truth is that you’re fully capable of thriving, living in peace, enjoying prosperity, and creating the ideal state of living. You’ve already begun entering your state of purpose. Self-realization is an integral part of your awakening. You should thank yourself for finally choosing you. Now, this is the ideal time for you to tap into the vastness of your innate gifts in order to experience the breakthroughs you’ve been anticipating. Whether you started your spiritual journey yesterday or ten years ago, this program will undoubtedly benefit you.

“99DaysWithSource” is a 99-day full length audio version of the daily channeled Source Messages. The messages are raw and unfiltered. Which is the best way for us to connect. They are designed to help heal aspects of your past, attract new opportunities, create better and healthier relationships, amplify your overall results, and awaken the parts of you that have been hidden for far too long. Furthermore, help you to attain peace of mind – the crown jewel of all manifestations. The practices and perspectives contained herein are invaluable.

Everyone’s path is different. No one can walk yours for you. This program will provide the equivalent of a flashlight so that you may see more clearly, stumble a little less, and enjoy the views a lot more. More importantly – assist you in creating the life you deserve through an underlying commitment to your purpose and your joy. This will serve as one of your many divine guides in life.

Click play to get started on Day 1, the intro.

Thank you for continuing to allow me to be a part of your journey.