October 15th Source Message:

Your growth is so persistent that even when you’re about to get angry or upset, there’s an inner voice trying to talk you out of it: “Don’t go there.” “It‘s not worth it.” A voice that always existed, but was never this clear. Never this convincing. You have a stubbornness to remain aligned. So much so that even when you do get into a lower state, you’re not there for nearly as long as you used to be. You’re snapping out of it quicker. That’s a massive shift. One that changes the totality of who you are.

— SourceMessages


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One thought on “October 15th, 2019”

  1. Laure says:

    These messages are so spot on for me every day. I know this to be true because unlike a horoscope which tells you of the future, your messages reiterate that which has already occurred or is occurring. Your messages have had incredible power to shift my thoughts and given me the ability to understand my progress, my breakthroughs and my setbacks. Thank you ever so much. Please never stop giving readings, they and you are such a gift ❤

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